Recessed Lighting

Pivotable alu recessed light, Ø 8,2 cm, alu
3 Downlight DIM Flat LED recessed spots nickel
Bega housing for LED recessed wall light Silas
COB95 LED recessed ceiling spotlight, warm white
Round LED recessed light Joanie, brushed aluminium
Distance ring for ARF 68 recessed light, black
Low volt recessed spotlight ENKEL alu matt
Silver-coloured aluminium recessed light, fixed
Rocas recessed light rotatable Gold
Pordis LED recessed wall light, IP65, round
Attractive recessed light DECIO
Scotty 6 LED recessed floor light, IP67
Jody LED recessed wall light, 19 cm, polycarbonate
Square shaped LED recessed light dynamic FR 68 LED
Four diffuser attachments recessed lights, 6.9 cm
Bert - pivotable LED recessed light, aluminium
Zenit - LED recessed spotlight, nickel finish
3-set LED recessed light Micro Line clear, 3000K
Effective recessed light MENEO
Doris - angular LED recessed floor light
App-controlled LED recessed light Glint with RGB
Crystal I Built-In Spotlight
Aluminium LED recessed light Nikas round IP23
Giano Recessed Wall Light with LED, Black
Pivotable Downlight DIM LED recessed spot nickel
3-set LED recessed lamp Coin round IP23 matt white
Round LED recessed light Dynamic FR 68
Square LED recessed light Multi, pivotable
LED recessed light Luca set of 3 IP44, aluminium
LED-18 stainless steel LED recessed floor light Cavity Recessed L, white
LED recessed ceiling light Arian, 17.4 cm, 15 W
Giano Recessed Wall Light with LED, Brown
LED recessed light Cecil, bronze
Saxby Recessed Shield MV Tilt Spotlight
Albedo - LED recessed floor light, set of three
Useful recessed floor light SOLAR LIGHT LED
Small LED wall recessed lamp My Way, grey
Justus four-bulb LED ceiling light, incl. recessed
Halogen recessed light ARF 68, set of three