Les Ottomans   Gold Trim Abstract Print Tray   Purple Multi
Fornasetti astrology tray - Black
High Tray
Dot Pattern Dark Classic Tray Medium
Gucci Lion square trinket tray - Black
Fornasetti Keyhole tray - Red
Richard Ginori   Oriente Italiano Square Porcelain Tray   Red Multi
Salon Wood & Rattan Tray
Oriente Italiano Albus Valet Tray
I Love Baroque Square Valet Tray
Fornasetti profile print tray - Red
Rainbow Stainless Steel Tray
Blue Bird Rectangular Tray
Jaguar Bone China Valet Tray
Colbula Ceramic Tray
Matilda Goad   Rainbow Spectrum Small Lacquered Tray   Multi
Cabana Magazine   Floral Wooden Tray   Multi
Large Karui Tray W/ Green Leather
Versatile Serving Tray
Maharaja Ceramic Valet Tray
Fornasetti Farfalle tray - Black
Gucci Kingsnake oval metal tray - Yellow
Op Art Porcelain Rectangular Tray
Oak Piece Flat No.32
Large Ballerina Valet Tray
L\'objet   X Haas Brothers Celestial Octopus Porcelain Tray   White
Handmade Jilani Ceramic Tray
Colbula Ceramic Tray
Chico Printed Ceramic Valet Tray
Herring Tray
Versatile Plain Tray
Fornasetti Profile tray - Red
Medium Karui Tray W/ Green Leather
Acer Serving Kit Tray With 2 Bowls
Fox In The Leaves Printed Tray
Fornasetti China tray set - White
Michaël Verheyden   Squared Marble Tray   Pink
Large Pietra L Neromarquinia Marble Tray
Medium Pietra L Verde Alpi Marble Tray
Circus Round Tray