The Moncler brand has been synonymous with quilted jackets since 1952, the year it was founded in Monestier-de-Clermont. The first products were sleeping bags, hooded capes and curtains. A couple of years later, the first quilted jackets to protect those who work in the cold appeared. The first to note them was French mountaineer Lionel Terray, and this is how the first jackets, gloves and sleeping bags for extreme weather were created, repeatedly put to the test in several mountaineering expeditions, up to equipping the victorious Italian expedition to K2. In the '80s, Moncler became an icon for metropolitan life.
Moncler Kids hooded padded gilet - Red
Glycine Hooded Nylon Down Jacket
Moncler Kids logo embossed hoodie - Blue
Moncler Kids Logo Embossed Hoodie - Blue
6-7Y 8-9Y 10-12Y
£ 133.00
£ 190.00
Moncler Kids Foma hooded jacket - Blue
Moncler Kids Foma Hooded Jacket - Blue
6-9M 9-12M 12-18M 18-24M
£ 180.00
Moncler Kids two tone rain jacket - Blue
Cotton Sweatshirt & Sweatpants
Quilted knit jacket
Moncler Kids casual tracksuit bottoms - Grey
Moncler Kids jacquard trim T-shirt - Blue
Moncler Kids tri-stripe lace-up sneakers - White
Stretch cotton pique dress
Stretch-cotton top
Moncler Kids contrast trim polo shirt - White
Moncler Kids logo patch embellished gilet - Red
Moncler Kids casual fitted trousers - White
Moncler Kids branded hoodie - Blue
Moncler Kids stripe pocket tracksuit - Blue
Moncler Kids sleeveless logo panelled dress - NEUTRALS
Glaieul coat
Glaieul Coat
6-7Y 8-9Y
£ 380.00
Moncler Kids TEEN stripe-logo bikini - Black
Moncler Kids TEEN two-tone long-sleeved polo shirt - Grey
Moncler Kids hooded tracksuit set - Blue
Moncler Kids logo patch polo shirt - Blue
Moncler Kids quilted hooded jacket - Red
Moncler Kids contrast-trim polo shirt - White
Haraiki Nylon Down Jacket
Moncler Kids colour-block zipped jacket - Red
Moncler Kids TEEN knitted logo jumper - Red
Moncler Kids logo patch cap - White
Moncler Kids panelled puffer jacket - Blue
Moncler Kids padded nest - PINK
Moncler Kids logo polo top - Grey
Logo Cotton Gabardine Hat
Baby logo cotton tracksuit
Baby Logo Cotton Tracksuit
3-6M 6-9M 9-12M 12-18M…
£ 160.00
Moncler Kids logo patch jacket - Blue
Moncler Kids logo print t-shirt - White
Moncler Kids striped trim polo shirt - Grey
Moncler Kids TEEN striped hooded sweatshirt - Blue
Wool Knit Scarf W/ Patches
Quilted down and wool-blend jacket
Moncler Kids logo bucket hat - Blue
Moncler Kids hooded puffer jacket - Red
Moncler Kids Hooded Puffer Jacket - Red
4-5Y 6-7Y 8-9Y 10-12Y…
£ 325.00
Moncler Kids TEEN logo patch bermuda shorts - Black
Moncler Kids classic swim shorts - Blue
Moncler Kids logo hooded tracksuit - PINK
Stretch-jersey tracksuit
Moncler Kids logo print sweater - Black
Baby Verney fur-trimmed down coat
Moncler Kids logo patch embellished gilet - Red
Moncler Kids Logo Patch Embellished Gilet - Red
4-5Y 6-7Y 8-9Y 10-12Y
£ 321.00
£ 378.00
Moncler Kids high-neck quilted gilet - PINK
Giroux hooded down puffer jacket
Cotton Sweatshirt & Sweatpants
Moncler Kids striped trim polo shirt - Blue
Moncler Kids short shearling dress - White
Egalntine Hooded Nylon Down Jacket
Egalntine Hooded Nylon Down Jacket
8-9Y 10-12Y 12-14Y 14-16Y
£ 360.00
Moncler Kids hooded padded jacket - PINK
Moncler Kids Hooded Padded Jacket - Pink
6-9M 9-12M 12-18M 18-24M
£ 294.00
Cotton Sweatpants W/ Side Bands
Febrege Logo Print Nylon Down Jacket
Moncler Kids logo print puffer jacket - Black
Logo stretch-cotton jersey T-shirt
Moncler Kids layered neck effect jumper
Moncler Kids logo two-piece tracksuit set - White
Moncler Kids padded jacket - Yellow
Logo Print Cotton Sweatpants
Moncler Kids TEEN two-tone logo T-shirt - PINK
Cotton baseball cap
Stretch-jersey tracksuit
Moncler Kids logo patch beanie - Green
Moncler Kids side stripe swim shorts - Red
Color Block Cotton Sweatshirt Hoodie
Color Block Cotton Sweatshirt Hoodie
6-7Y 8-9Y 10-12Y 12-14Y…
£ 155.00
Sacha Logo Print Rubber Slide Sandals
Moncler Kids logo side-stripe shorts - Blue
Moncler Kids zipped padded jacket - PINK
Moncler Kids padded and hooded jacket - Blue
Hooded Pile Romper
Hooded Pile Romper
3-6M 6-9M 9-12M 12-18M
£ 135.00
Stretch cotton tracksuit
Rubberized Logo Cotton Sweatshirt
Aiton quilted down coat
Aiton Quilted Down Coat
9-12M 12-18M 18-24M
£ 335.00
Logo Print Lycra One Piece Swimsuit
Moncler Kids peplum top and trouser set - Black