Hairspray & Styling

Paddle Hairbrush
56gr Claymation Hair Wax
60ml Clay Pomade
Limited Edition Silver Tail Comb
60ml Hard Cream Pomade
Wooden Round Brush
Pocket Comb
56gr Modify Hair Pomade
N.302 Clay Pomade
60ml Hard Water Pomade
N.301 Matt Paste Hair Wax
N.503 Moustache Wax
100ml Detoxifying Spray Lotion
Limited Edition Silver Cutting Comb
Small Wooden Beard Brush
56gr Quicksand Hair Wax
Large Wooden Beard Brush
56gr Sponge Hair Wax
60ml Soft Water Pomade
125ml Black Gel
Wooden Brush
Limited Edition Silver Styling Comb
56gr Scheme Cream
120ml Thickening Style Gel
N.303 Modelling Wax
100ml Volume Creator
Large Comb
N.304 Hold Strong Gel
N.305 Volumizer Spray
100ml Grooming Cream
60ml Cream Pomade
56gr Heavymade Hair Wax
56gr Hybridized Hair Wax
M2 Matte Medium Hold Pomade
M3 Matte Strong Hold Medium Pomade
American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel (250ml)
Aveda Men\'s Pure-Formance Pomade - Tub 75ml
Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade
American Crew Pomade (85g)
Triumph & Disaster Ponsonby Pomade 95g
Murdock London Vintage Pomade 50ml
Redken Brew Liquid Matte Paste 150ml
Patricks M3 Matte Finish Strong Hold Styling Product 75g
American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade 85g
Murdock London Texture Paste 50ml
Recipe for Men Desert Clay Wax 80ml
Jack Black Clay Pomade (77g)
Gentlemen\'s Tonic Hair Styling Matte Paste (85g)
American Crew Pomade, 85g
American Crew Firm Hold Gel 1000ml (Worth £42.00)
Jack Black Hard Body Sculpting Hair Gel 96g
Uppercut Deluxe Men\'s Featherweight Pomade (70g)
Kiehl\'s Grooming Solutions Clean Styling Gel, 150ml
Jack Black Wax Pomade (77g)
Uppercut Deluxe Men\'s Matt Clay (60g)
American Crew Molding Clay 85g
Jack Black Hair Gel (96g)
Blind Barber 101 Proof Classic Pomade 70g
MALIN+GOETZ Sage Styling Cream 118ml
Patricks S2 Shine Finish Medium Hold Styling Product 75g
Aveda Men Pure-Formance™ Liquid Pomade, 200ml
Recipe for Men Steeze Wax 80ml
men-ü Create and Shape (100ml)
System Professional Man Wax Pomade 80ml
Uppercut Deluxe Grooming Kit - Deluxe Pomade-No Colour
Redken Brews Men\'s Maneuver Cream Pomade 100ml
American Crew Pomade 50g
Mitch Barber\'s Classic (10ml)
Hawkins & Brimble Matt Clay Pomade (100ml)
Lock Stock & Barrel Defining Pomade 85g
House 99 Smooth Back Shaping Pomade 90ml
Murdock London Vintage Pomade, 50ml
American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade, 85g
TIGI Bed Head for Men Thick-Up Line Grooming Cream 100ml
L\'Oréal Professionnel Homme Mat – Matt Sculpting Pomade (80ml)
men-ü Men\'s Define and Shine Pomade (100ml)
House 99 Going Strong Styling Gel 100ml
Uppercut Deluxe Matte Pomade 100g
Redken Brews Men\'s Outplay Texture Pomade 100ml
Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay 95g