Fornasetti is a decorative arts company. A surprising place where artisan-ship meets design and produces timeless, hand-crafted creations. These creations are born from the art of Piero Fornascetti, painter, sculptor, designer and creator of over 11 thousand objects, set designs and costumes. The impression given by his work is one of rigour enhanced by an intense fantasy and an elegant, humorous gaze. After the death of Piero in October of 1988, his son Barnaba Fornasetti took over and continues the legacy of his father.
Fornasetti \'Rigoletto\' dish - Grey
Fornasetti plate - Black
Fornasetti butterfly face print plate - Metallic
Fornasetti face print vase - White
Fornasetti scented candle - Black
Fornasetti Plate - Black
Fornasetti   Don Giovanni Scented Candle, 300g   one size
Fornasetti Plate - White
Fornasetti sculpted face print plate - Black
Fornasetti Printed plate - Grey
Fornasetti portrait and bow print plate - Black
Fornasetti Porcelain tea pot - White
Fornasetti fish serving set - White
Fornasetti Sottobicchiere Viso plate - Black
Fornasetti Plate - White
Fornasetti   Losanghe Scented Candle, 300g   Gold
Fornasetti Plate - Grey
Fornasetti Emisfero lamp base - White
Fornasetti key print candle - Multicolour
Fornasetti bowler hat lidded vase - White
Fornasetti Mime print vase - White
Fornasetti Der Rofenkavalier dish - White
Fornasetti set of six tumblers - Black
Fornasetti Plate - White
Fornasetti Hand dish - Black
Fornasetti printed plate - Black
Fornasetti Keyhole dish - Metallic
Fornasetti Fior Di Lina plate - White
Fornasetti   Rossetti Scented Candle, 900g   one size
Fornasetti Plate - Black
Fornasetti \'Sole Ricciuto\' tray - Black
Fornasetti Don Giovanni magazine rack - Red
Fornasetti   Architettura Thyme, Lavender And Cedarwood Scented Candle, 300g   White
Fornasetti floral print wastepaper basket - Black
Fornasetti set of 12 plates - Gold
Fornasetti cracked face plate - Black
Fornasetti decorative wall plate - Black
Fornasetti Profumi Regalo Gold candle - Grey
Fornasetti printed tray - Black
Fornasetti decorative homewear plate - Black