Fornasetti is a decorative arts company. A surprising place where artisan-ship meets design and produces timeless, hand-crafted creations. These creations are born from the art of Piero Fornascetti, painter, sculptor, designer and creator of over 11 thousand objects, set designs and costumes. The impression given by his work is one of rigour enhanced by an intense fantasy and an elegant, humorous gaze. After the death of Piero in October of 1988, his son Barnaba Fornasetti took over and continues the legacy of his father.
Fornasetti snake print plate - White
Fornasetti striped face plate - Multicolour
Fornasetti astrology tray - Black
Fornasetti face printed clock - Grey
Fornasetti Plate - Black
Fornasetti printed wooden box - Black
Fornasetti calender plate 2010 - Black
Fornasetti scented candle - White
Fornasetti printed face plate - White
Fornasetti round ashtray - Black
Fornasetti Casa con colonne vase - Transparent/Black
Fornasetti   Cammei Bianco Scent Sphere   Womens   Multi
Fornasetti face and chest print plate - Black
Fornasetti plate - Black
Fornasetti Keyhole tray - Red
Fornasetti 2018 calendar wall plate - Multicolour
Fornasetti broken face print plate - White
Fornasetti Plate - Black
Fornasetti Don Giovanni teapot - White
Fornasetti printed box - Brown
Fornasetti   Ortensia Flora Incense Box And Sticks   Womens   Multi
Fornasetti profile print tray - Red
Fornasetti Silence pillow - White
Fornasetti bottle print candle - White
Fornasetti   Bacio Otto Scented Candle   Womens   Multi
Fornasetti printed plate - Black
Fornasetti   Architettura Otto Scented Large Candle   Womens   Multi
Fornasetti Fior di Lina candle - White
Fornasetti   Don Giovanni Patchouli Scented Medium Candle   Womens   Multi
Fornasetti   Flora Floral Scented Incense Box And Sticks   Womens   Multi
Fornasetti Plate - White
Fornasetti Profumi Regalo Gold candle - Grey
Fornasetti   Regalo Otto Scented Candle   Black White
Fornasetti Farfalle tray - Black
Fornasetti striped dish - Yellow
Fornasetti keyhole T&V wall plate - Grey
Fornasetti Crack dish - White
Regalo Gold Otto Scented Candle With Lid
Silenzio Otto Scented Candle With Lid
Fornasetti Printed ashtray - White